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Třebíč and Telč



The Jewish Quarter of Trebíc, placed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003, is a unique document of Jewish culture in Moravia and the only Jewish monument outside Israel specifically placed on the UNESCO List. The area still exhibits its historical layout and structure that has developed in the limited area between the Jihlava River and the hill of Hradek. The Quarter exhibits a mysterious atmosphere with its tortuous cobbled streets, dark nooks, vaulted passages as well as typical features of Baroque architecture. An unforgettable view of the romantic Jewish Quarter roofs can be enjoyed from Hradek Hill. While returning to Prague you also have the option to visit the beautiful town of Telc, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992 based on the picturesque baroque houses in the city centre, the square and the castle of Telc.



Guide                              CZK 900       EUR 33/hour

Mercedes S-Class         CZK 17000   EUR 630/hour

Mercedes E-Class         CZK 9000     EUR 335/hour

Mercedes Viano            CZK 10500   EUR 390/hour

Mercedes Sprinter        CZK 12000   EUR 445/hour

Český Šternberk



Duration 5 hours

For more than 760 years now, the castle has dominated the landscape around the central reaches of the Sázava river. The print collection’s theme is the history of the 30 Years’ War, consisting of 545 copperplate engravings, an interesting collection of historical weapons, sets of valuable porcelain round out the tour.

Guide                               CZK 900     EUR 33/hour

Mercedes S-Class          CZK 9750   EUR 360/hour

Mercedes E-Class          CZK 4500   EUR 165/hour

Mercedes Viano             CZK 7000   EUR 260/hour

Mercedes Sprinter         CZK 7700   EUR 285/hour

Český Krumlov

Duration 10 hours

Ceský Krumlov is a unique urban complex comprising of three hundred historic houses and a castle, which is the second largest after Prague Castle. Due to its remarkable historical and cultural value, Ceský Krumlov is called the Pearl of Renaissance and was placed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992.

Guide                              CZK 900        EUR 33/hour

Mercedes S-Class         CZK 17000   EUR 630/hour

Mercedes E-Class         CZK 9000     EUR 335/hour

Mercedes Viano            CZK 10500   EUR 390/hour

Mercedes Sprinter        CZK 12000   EUR 445/hour

Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)



Duration 8  hours

This world famous spa town founded by the King Charles IV in the 14th century is known for its 12 hot springs – the 13th spring is the Czech national herbal liqueur Becherovka and famous Moser glass factory. At a supplement of 3000 CzK/110 Euro you can make a side trip to the spa town of Marianske Lazne, known for its 40 mineral springs and its famous visitors J.W. Goethe, King Edward VII, S. Freud and F. Kafka.

Guide                              CZK 900       EUR 33/hour

Mercedes S-Class         CZK 16000  EUR 595/hour

Mercedes E-Class         CZK 7200    EUR 267/hour

Mercedes Viano            CZK 12000  EUR 445/hour

Mercedes Sprinter        CZK 12500  EUR 462/hour




Duration 5 hours

Terezín is a fortress founded by Josef II, which was changed into a concentration camp by Nazis during the Second World War. It was a place of suffering for over 140,000 prisoners and more than 35,000 Jews lost their lives there.

Guide                               CZK 900       EUR 33/hour

Mercedes S-Class          CZK 9900    EUR 367/hour

Mercedes E-Class          CZK 4800    EUR 178/hour

Mercedes Viano             CZK 7500    EUR 278/hour

Mercedes Sprinter         CZK 8200   EUR 304/hour

Nelahozeves Castle



Duration 5 hours

Built in the 16th century, Nelahozeves Castle represents the pinnacle of Renaissance Bohemian architecture. The exhibition is inspired by the era of the 10th Prince Lobkowicz (1858 -1938), and includes great Czech paintings as well as treasures from the world-famous Roudnice Lobkowicz Library. Furthermore Nelahozeves village is the birthplace of legendary Czech composer Antonin Dvorak.

Guide                                CZK 900      EUR 33/hour

Mercedes S-Class           CZK 9750    EUR 360/hour

Mercedes E-Class           CZK 4500   EUR 165/hour

Mercedes Viano              CZK 7000   EUR 260/hour

Mercedes Sprinter          CZK 7700   EUR 285/hour

Konopiště Castle



Duration 5 hours

Konopište is one of Bohemia’s most beautiful castles. Konopište was home of the successor to the Austrian throne, Archduke Ferdinand d’Este, who was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914. You can admire its fascinating collection of historical furniture, paintings and countless hunting trophies.

Guide                               CZK 900     EUR 33/hour

Mercedes S-Class          CZK 9750   EUR 360/hour

Mercedes E-Class          CZK 4500   EUR 165/hour

Mercedes Viano             CZK 7000   EUR 260/hour

Mercedes Sprinter         CZK 7700   EUR 285/hour


Our Fleet consists of the latest vehicle models, mostly Mercedes Benz fitted with innovative comfort and the most modern technology.

We offer the categories Business, Premium, Mini Van and Sprinter, exclusively Mercedes Benz in black colour. Upon your request, we can brand our vehicles with your company brand and logo.

Additional categories are Lincoln and Vintage.

As a courtesy, we provide premium bottled water to our clients for free in each category. On request, we can make available daily newspapers, special magazines or refreshments.

Enjoy the pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in our exclusive limousines, together with top levels of safety.


1979 Rolls Royce

Accommodates 3 people

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Lincoln Towncar

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About us

Limousine Czech Republic, a member of the ACK CR – The Czech Association of Czech Travel Agents, is your dependable partner for safe and stylish travel. We have established a reputation for quality and reliability, providing limousine services since 2000 and focusing on the individual needs of our customers.  With many years of experience operating comprehensive luxury limousine services, you can rely on us to provide you and your clients with the very best service available in the region.

With the aim to offer individual care for every client and to satisfy your every wish, our chauffeur service focuses on mobile flexibility as well as high quality and comfortable travel in Czech Republic and other countries.

Our service portfolio includes business transfers, individual chauffeur services, airport transfers, fleet management, as well as customer-tailored city tours.

We put emphasis on fully qualified and multilingual drivers, modern infrastructure and well maintained, modern mostly Mercedes Benz limousines.

Our goal is to provide our clients with affordable quality service bulit upon honesty and trust. Our unsurpassed commitment to excellence shows in our promptness and accountability.

We are at your disposal 24/7 and look forward to a successful cooperation.


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Our Team


Our Services

Our team guarantees client comfort and high-end chauffer services. Apart from the newest vehicles in Mercedes Benz´s upper class range, we provide our clients with specially trained drivers, who always behave properly and with due discretion. All our drivers are bound by a strict confidentiality on the identity and destination of passengers.

The quality of our service is our highest priority. Our team will not just provide you with a car and a driver, but will make sure to fullfil all of your individual requirements.

Our team is at your disposal 24/7 throughout the year and everywhere you need.

Other services

  • Bodyguard Service
  • Stretch Limousine
  • Transportation by 1976 Rolls Royce

A professional driver for your car

If you own a vehicle and you are only looking for a driver, we have a list of proffesional chauffeurs at your disposal. Our chauffeurs are no only experienced drivers, but they also conform to the professional standards of discretion, kindness, reliability, flexibility and individual care.

Fleet Management Service

Fleet management includes a range of functions, such as assistance with selection of a suitable vehicle and supplier, processing of formalities for vehicle registration (license plate allocation, cancellation of registration, change of registration, etc.), handling financing and insurance, vehicle maintenance and repairs including exchange and storage of tyres, inspection of service work, arranging MOT and emission, driver assistance services, cleaning service and other services per agreement.

Our fleet management service is ideal for clients who do not have time to look after their own vehicle or fleet. When you travel on business and you do not have time to wait while your vehicle is serviced and maintained, our professional team takes care of all necessary arrangements.


Whether alone, with family, friends or business partners, we are happy to arrange unforgettable trips throughout the Czech Republic and Europe. Private tours do not include a professional tour guide unless you choose one when making your booking – this will incur an extra charge. Guides are available in German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and French.

Chauffeured car rental

Whether you rent for your business trips or pleasure, transfers, sightseeing, shopping or renting with the duration of your choice, our thoroughly selected and trained chauffeurs guarantee a premium service. Our chauffeurs are not superior drivers,  but also conform to the professional standards of discretion, kindness, reliability, flexibility and individual care. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet all your requests.

Airport transfers

In order to reliably and comfortably  get from one place to another, you can let our professional team handle the whole experience. We provide airport transfers, departures and meet & greet services. We offer our clients fixed prices for transfers depending on the particular route. We monitor arrival and departure times to ensure the drivers will be waiting for your on time. Flight data can be checked immediately by our service office, foreseeable delays are detected early and we are happy to suggest a pick-up time for transfers to the airport.

Meet & Greet Services

Ideal for when you need to make a great first impression on a new client or you have multiple guests arriving at different times and need them all brought to your event or venue. Our team will manage everyone´s safe arrival and departure to and from your business or social event.

Wedding and Events

Whether your clients, friends or entire family is coming to celebrate your special day, our focus in on you and your guests. We can make your day special and help you to enjoy every moment.

We can help you to make your wedding journey as perfect as it can be. The wedding car will be dressed exclusively to match your day with ribbons and flowers , your chauffeur will be dressed. We can provide for you also a photographer and cameraman including post production.

Sightseeing Limousine Tours

Whatever your choices, you will travel in comfort and safety – allowing you to truly enjoy your tour and create memories of the city and region your are visiting. Whether you are visiting Prague for business or pleasure, you can schedule anything from a half-day pre-set tour, to a multi-day tour – fully customized to your individual needs. We provide personalized, professional service with well-trained professional chauffeurs who are fluent in English and familiar with the destinations they serve.

We can arrange a professional guide covering both Prague and the whole Czech Republic for your tailor-made tour. All our guides are licensed and have the proper education and cerfiticates.

Online booking

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